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How much do i spend for 10 cats?


A dear friend popped this Q a month ago. Never in my mind had i thought about this. All that matters to our family is that they give us peace of mind whenever we are home after work or school, watching them linger around, kneading, playing and of course their warmth :)

CAT FOOD: I regularly feed them with SIENCE DIET and ROYAL CANIN (RC) dry foods. Occasionally with FRISKIES wet food. They love RC so far!

Recently, when i was mumbling about my Cik Tom getting slimmer, Zai recommended me BLACKWOOD cat food. I searched on the net, thinking to buy them online. On second thoughts, i thought of trying to buy them from our local pet stores. To my surprise, it is damn hard to find one in my area!

Last night, i managed to buy them through a pet forum. I have paid and need to pick them up on Feb 7 later on. I bought 7.5 kg for adult and 3.5kg for kittens worth about RM160. The price is quite reasonable comparing to RC that costs RM69 for only 2kg! I hope this supply can cope till end of the month hehe..

WATER FEEDER: I gave them in a dish bowl at first. Then i changed it to a portable bottle water feeder as shown here. It cost about RM13.00. It is very convenient as it provides a constant supply of water whenever we have to stay away longer than expected. But we still maintain the water dish bowl.

When Betty and Baby were 3 months, i did not expect to see them licking water from the shower floor or waiting for me at the sink so that they could drink from the running tap! Worst enough, from the toilet bowl! Till now Betty has a habit of drinking water with her paw. She will dunk her paw and lick it :)).

I did few readings and learned that some cats prefer fresh water all the time. From there, i bought
Catit drinking fountain water feeder that cost about RM115. This one solved Betty and Baby's problem! Phewww!
I don't know how to describe it but here is what it says -
The re-circulating flow of water from the Catit Drinking Fountain eliminates stagnant water and continuously cleans the water with a purifying filter. The large surface area adds more oxygen for fresher, tastier water. This energy efficient system consumes less than 4 watts. The replaceable filter cartridge collects debris, food, hair, and sediment and helps reduce bad tastes and odors, while absorbing other impurities in tap water. The Catit has a water capacity of 100 oz.

I hope it will help you too Zai!

dmit that i spent quite a lot for their collars with coloured bells. Reason being is easy to trace them whenever they were hiding or went missing. I can spot who or where they are just by hearing their bells! Each of them have different kind of bell tones :) At first i bought them with woven nylon collars with breakaway buckle and it end up like this! I tried the velvet collars but it got faded and was covered with their loose hairs. I found out that a reflective plastic type of collar with adjustable buckle is convenient and safe to use so far.

As for 'the king' (Musyang) i always threat him differently. He wore so many type of collars like the chain collar and latest is a leather type which suit him perfectly. He is quite obedient and unlike my other 9 cats. He is the only one wearing harness and leash as I love to bring him along for a ride as he is the easiest one to handle.

Recently i bought a few metal disc tags for my cats engraved with their names and our contact no. Hoping that whoever found my cats if they went missing, will contact us. It works so far!

COMB & BRUSHES, LINT ROLL : These are the only 4 combs & brushes i kept so far. I feel this is necessary as to avoid my cats from hairballs and to promote glossy coats. Grooming brush is for de-matting and removing unwanted loose hairs. Rubber bathing brush is for massaging their skin. Shedding comb do more than grooming as it penetrates deep into the cat's fur collecting and lifting loose hair. While brush with round bristles is great for my short-haired cats. I normally use lint roller to pick up loose hair left after brushing. I also use this for dust and dirts especially on my suits and black shirts :)

Well, the list of their requirement goes on and on like their litters, litter boxes (a
must have!), cages, carriers (since i love to drive them around hehe), beddings, shampoos, hair cares, medication (i keep Frontline Flea & Tick Control product, ear mite remedy all the time) etc. etc.

At this very moment i am planning to buy them auto food feeder and tower scratch post (at least 3 tiered) :) like this one..
Frankly i dont know exactly my monthly expenses for them. I try to provide them with what i can afford. Yes, they are strayed and rescued domestic cats but i am proud to have them!


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