Pokok Kucing = Cat Tree (Yeah! our cat tree is done!)


First Aid Kit Kucing

Tikus Mainan DIY untuk si Comel


Fish Ball Treat

Gaya Tidur Si Comel


More DSLH cats for adoptions..


Yes, i am letting go my own semi long hair kittens for adoption. I realized that when i lost tracked my own cats DOB or when did I sent them for vaccination, I knew that I have more than enough cats to care.

These 5-months old, male kittens, Manggish (mangosteen) and Manish (Sweet) are siblings. They are at the right time to get neutered. But due to budget constraint, I am not able to do so. This month alone I have spent almost rm700 just to get 8 of my cats neutered. So, for those who r interested to have them, will bear the cost of castration (RM50 each). I prefer Manggish and Manish not to be separated, if any adopter could take them both - together.


Their Paknye (Jerry) and Maknye (Nyet) (Not for adoption ye)

Manggish dan Manish ikut rupanya PakNye masa muda..
Gambar2 Manggish dan Manish tidak berapa 'sharp' sbb
camera rosak.. so saya snapped guna Bekberi je ni hehe


- pix 1

Pix 2

Pix 3

Pix 4
Pix 5

MANISH - Pix 1
Pix 2 - Close-up Look

Pix 3 - Shy

Pix 4 - pujuk ni suruh tunjuk muka

Pix 5 - curled

Pix 6 - his back, layered look - grey and black


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