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Mommy, why r u staring at me? Am i...
Yes, dear Daisy.. it's shower timeeee!

OMG! not again!
Yes u r!.. u r so messy! .
.. dont cry.. 
.. dont be afraid.. *tapping her head*
... and dont give me that E.T. look!!

Mommy give u a good massage - on your back..
.. down to your belly..
.. manicure..
..pedicure and..
tail - cure *got such word?*
.. done shampooing huhu! emm still sour face huh? *tickles*
all done!.. now all u need to do is..
shake yr body!..
shake your head!
uh! uh! lift me up mommy! i want to see how do i look!
This is how u look dear.. * eye-twitching *
enuff with the mirror sweetie...let me dry u up!
now its yr turn - lick lick lick

lick lick lick
tired uh daisy?
no lar mommy, i'm cleaning my ear!
how do i look mummy?
What about this look?
Do u know what this look means mommy?
errr.... yes! yes!.. i know.. yr stomach is growling! hahaha!


Cat-from-Sydney said...

OMG! Daisy, we're supposed to be dry clean only species. Get it? No shower, no shampoo! har har har *evil laughs*

Gee said...

Cat-in-Sydney ~ woohoo i hear yr laff loud n clear.. and no wonder there's no purr..meowwww.. takut air yeee?

myQza said...

wangi dah die....

umi_e said...

wahhhhhhhhhhh ypu look pretty and sexy after your shower :p hehehehe

ummufaqeha said...

wangi dah die..meh nak pelok syium..;p

Vivian said...

E.T look! ahahah dulu ada kucing macam ni kt rumah..stray tumpang kejap2..kwn tunang panggil 'dubuk' alahai..hehe

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~SESEMUT~ said...

alooolololololo... kesian diaaa... sejuk kerrr kena mandi?

meowwmania said...

aloloo...cian dia

muka tak puas hati tu hehe =]

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