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Exotic Shorthair Cat - A gift from a Cyber Friend


Remember my post about the difference between tortoiseshell and calico? Now that tortoiseshell pet quality exotic shorthair cat, named DAISY is officially mine. A gift from Zairin Hani, a dear friend, a jovial and mysterious lady, my cyber friend to be exact. I never met her nor once seen her.

She bought Daisy from Encik Razani, a registered breeder/seller of Kulaifornia Cattery on 22 January 2009. But on March 14, all of a sudden, she want me to have Daisy at no cost due to her illness. All i need to do is to pick her up at Kulai, Johor. Razani then will process the transfer of ownership on Cat Registration and Ownership Certificate.

Here are her details :

DOB : 31 August 2008 (Independence Day of Malaysia!)
SIRE : Cherrypie Dega-One (Pix below)

IMG_4673.jpg picture by rozzy_gee_photos

DAM : Cherrypie Manjalara (Pix below)

manjalara.jpg picture by rozzy_gee_photos

My first cuddle with Daisy at Razani's house. She is healthy in everyway, very spunky and have beautiful big eyes!

DSC00331.jpg picture by rozzy_gee_photos

My 13th cats, Daisy My Darling Girl in my house now..
She has a bit extreme face, very sweet and loves to purr!

IMG_4681.jpg picture by rozzy_gee_photos

Here are some good info that i found on the net about exotic cat.

This breed is a solid, rounded, stocky cat. The eyes are large, round and set far apart, and the cheeks and whisker pads are rounded. Small, rounded ears set wide apart on the broad head add to the impression of roundness.

Exotics tend to be more active and lively than the placid Persian. They tend to be a bit brighter, too, although they are still not the most brilliant bulb in the package. They are also more playful and enjoy a good romp around the living room, particularly if you are there to admire their antics or join in the fun.

Despite their more active temperament, exotics, like Persians, are loyal, sweet, and affectionate. They are agreeable, non-aggressive, and get along well with other animals and children. Their serene temperaments make them ideal apartment companions, and most breeders recommend them as indoor-only pets.

The exotic is easy to groom, but the breed does require some maintenance. Like the Persian, the exotic possesses a rich, full undercoat that can develop mats . Figure on a grooming session with a good quality steel comb twice a week. A once-a-month bath is recommended as well. Exotics have runny eyes (due to shortened tear ducts) need their faces washed daily with moistened cotton balls or a warm, wet washcloth.


Norhadar Taharuddin said...

.:: Kak... Chumilnyer dier... Muah!!! Muah!!! Muah!!! ::.

Gee said...

hehe mmg chumil. Akak tak tau nak describe mcm mana rasa dpt bela Daisy. I used to have domestic cats but now with a unique-features-face cat.. hmmmmmmm.. all i could say, i feel strange and happy as well..

Anonymous said...

Congrats on having Daisy. I guess you have already received her certificate of individual registration from CFA, right? Regards Razani

Gee said...

Hi, Razani! Tq for dropping by. To others, say hello to En. Razani, who owned Kulaifornia Cattery and raised our beloved Daisy!.. Cert tu i tak ambik lagi Razani. I just came back today from Tangkak due to my mom's illness. She had a heart attack on Monday and till now still warded in Tangkak Hospital.. :(

zairin hani said...

salam Gee,
hepi zai tengok Daisy dapat sesuaikan diri dgn keluarga Gee straight away. Harap Daisy dapat sepenuh perhatian dan kasih sayang dari Gee sekeluarga. Zai doakan yang terbaik buat Gee dan Daisy. You both deserve each other

Anonymous said...

salam Gee,
I am happy for you and Daisy
you deserve each other - zairin hani

lupie said...

I believe it takes a great heart to know another. Your cyber friend sees that in you! :)

Daisy is lovely! Looks like Garfield of a different color!

Gee said...

Hi Lupie.. is this Bina from PF? welcome to my blog.. Yes, Daisy has Garfield look. Just look at her daddy in the pic shown here. I loved when he shakes his body!

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