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Q n A : Dilema seorang sahabat. Pls share some views with her..


As Salam semua dan selamat bertemu lagi kita di sini. Akhir2 ni mmg DC agak sibuk dan tidak berkesempatan nak update blog ni. Mmg banyak idea dan perkara yg DC nak share tapi tidak berpeluang berbuat demikian.  Ada beberapa pertanyaan yg DC tak sempat nak jwp. Bukan DC tak layan atau tak pandang ye. Cuma keadaan tidak mewajarkan DC menjawap, dan kebanyakkannya DC jawap secara peribadi.. Di harap sabar menunggu :)

Berikut ialah pertanyaan dan dilema yang dihadapi oleh sahabat kita bernama SHANTI. Diharap para pembaca boleh share your views with her.  Dan yang mana DC boleh jawap, DC jawaplah.:


Hello DC

I came across your blog and can see that you are doing an exceptional and humane to help unwanted cats. Can you please advise me what to do about a stray cat. She's really sweet, affectionate and pretty. She has 3 kittens and we have managed to find a home for them (not the best home but they say they love cats and can afford to give them a home,although they don't believe in neutering - I tried to explain the reasons but they say they don't mind more cats). As for the mother cat, I am worried what she will do when we take the kittens away (I guess they are about 3 to 4mths old). I also want to get her neutered to prevent any more strays. I am hesitant to adopt her because I already have 2 cats and I am afraid of any diseases the stray cat may have. I was wondering how you manage to house all your cats together and what steps do you take to ensure any new comers are healthy? Is taking to a vet for a medical fool-proof to ensure the stray is not carrying any serious contagious illness.

I would welcome your views on this please.




Dear Shanti,

DC tak berapa pandai hendak menjawap soalan Shanti dalam bahasa inggeris tapi DC cuba jwp sebaik mungkin. -

This is how i done things around. I normally try to get the stray cat to the vet for a health check and flea treatment within a day or two. I let my vet know he is dealing with a feral/stray cat so appropriate precautions can be taken to avoid a bite or the cat escaping. After the trip to the vet, I move the cat into a cage separating him/her from other cages or roaming cats. Cover the cage if necessary. Set out the food and water and litterbox in his/her cage. Meanwhile, we make an effort to bond with her. We can leave our belongings like towels or shirts for her to sit on or play with. The idea is to get used to our scent :) To date, I have not had inappropriate elimination problems with my ferals. This phase will normally take about 2-3 months depending on how aggressive she is.

Once all have been treated, we name her, bathe her, do a complete litter change and clean out the litter box, wash all beddings and cage.

Then depending on our budget, we will get her spayed before we go to the next phase and administer any required shots. Otherwise he or she will be caged/separated till we manage to find a fund.

Considering she has been spayed and bonded with us, she can start a socializing phase. We introduce her to catnips or toys then we begin introducing to our own cats. Besides a cage or a room, initial introductions can also be done using a cat carrier.

You can find tips on how to introduce a new cat to resident cats here - perkenalkan kucing baru

You can expect some hissing/growling in the beginning of any cat introductions, this is normal. If you do regularly, short sessions with resident cats and then return her to her room/cage/carrier, things will go more smoothly. Then you can start to leave her out longer and longer, only when you are home. It depends on the age of the feral. The older the cat is the less chance you have of taming it.

But if you unable to do so, pls send her for adoption. If possible get her have some basic health checks - fleas, earmites, deworm.  Get some tips on how this stray cat can easily be adopted. Send her best photo around. 

Few tips getting her best view

Here are some links that might help you :

(permainan FarmVille di facebook)

Harap ini dapat membantu Shanti.. For other viewers and readers, kalau ada apa2 cadangan atau nasihat sila la komen untuk kebaikan pada Shanti dan kucing2 nya.


umi_e said...

Setuju sangat dengan apa yang DC tuliskan... kak e pun buat langkah yang sama...

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