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Diari Oren - Part 5 : Tabby 1


i am called 'Tabby 1'.  Mommy said i am wearing mackerel torbie's coat :)
* u're just like yr father, shorthair cat - belang*

i luv to play with Omei since my brothers - the oranges, are now with new mommy..
*yeah right!!.. she luvs bullying to be exact!*

la la la la la!
* .. ooh u luv swaying?*

look mommy! i can now standing
*i know the difference between standing and scratching ok?!*

dont u think i am a good girl?
*.. just wait and see*

i tawt i taw a puddy tat!
*.. it's Omei dear*

* within seconds - uh! uh! what is happening?*

I swear i didnt push her Mommy..
*yeah i know.. Omei fell by herself*

I wonder whether, a family who booked Tabby 1 since last year, still wants her now.  They might already have another kitten by now.


meowwmania said...

suka gmbr yg tido terlentang tuh, sggh shomel!

m.q said...

hiii...awak ni comel lah

bylindakitchen said...

alolo..muker dia yang kuyu tue.
cam nak syiomm jerk..eii geramm

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